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LCD Final Verdict

I’ve had time to do some proper testing on the 2209WA LCD that I got a while back. I didn’t have much choice obviously since I desperately needed a screen and since the target machine wasn’t a gaming rig I felt comfortable taking a chance. It was my first ever LCD type screen after all. And the 2209WA is pretty much the best IPS 60Hz monitor on the market. It has low input lag for its class, impeccable image quality and comes highly recommended.

I think this image sums up my test results nicely (handheld dslr macro ftw!).


It’s called ghosting ladies and gentlemen. Visualized using Prad’s Pixel Persistence Analyzer.

How could I have missed this? Well, I’m familiar with the idea of course, I’m not a complete idiot, but reading both professional reviews and users opinions for years I never got the impression that it was a big deal. Google the 2209WA + ghosting or indeed any monitor and you’ll find an endless number of opinions claiming that ghosting either doesn’t exist on the model or in fact is altogether a myth dating back to the earliest LCD models. In retrospect I have realized that it is the other way around. It has been so long since most people have seen a proper monitor or TV that they have simply forgotten what moving images used to look like.

Bottom line, this is a major deal breaker. I noticed this immediately in the first FPS game I tried, even before I had a name for it. At first I thought it had something to do with the 60 Hz limit or input lag. I now notice it in pretty much all games or applications where I have to pan around reasonably fast.

There have been claims that ghosting is less obvious on faster TN panels and 120 Hz TN panels in particular.  That may very well be true, but I am reluctant to trust any more of these so called experts that can’t even recognize ghosting in the first place. If you do some comparisons over at digitalversus you might get the idea that 120 Hz monitor have less ghosting (intentionally or not I do not know) but at the same time there are also models where ghosting seems just as bad.

Can you get used to the ghosting if you have to? Perhaps. But I’m sure as hell not taking the chance now. There will be no voluntary move to LCD here and as far as the TV is concerned I noticed LG introduced fast decay phosphor across their 3D compatible plasmas this year. Perhaps this will reduce the plasma equivalent to LCD ghosting, phosphor trailing.


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